Just becuz I like politics doesn’t mean i don’t want to see you cry and post hedgehog pics =3
Pretty sure the majority of my followers here are here for the hedgies or my weirdness. I post one thing with a slight political twist, that I don’t think is appropriate for my political blog, then bam. “Lets follow this conservative girl” I appreciate the sentiment, but I doubt some of these ppl are here for the hedgehogs.
You may be lost my friends. Find socopolitics.tumblr.com
  • uscrow
  • abolishabortion
  • goldwaterconservative
  • governmentdoesntownme
  • nocommiessonodems
  • others, these blogs are obviously following for politics.
They’re all welcome here, but I wonder if this blog is providing them with what they want. Some politics and political rants. That was the whole goal of splitting up my blogs. Keep my hedgie buddies and allow my rants to not hinder friendships non interested in my political ideologies.

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